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Master in Aesthetic Medicine, The Course

University Federico II of Naples

The Master aims at learning and cognitive and applicative deepening of aesthetic medicine methods for graduates in Medicine and Surgery and specialists in Plastic Surgery or other related disciplines (dermatology, maxillofacial, angiology, geriatrics, endocrinology, pharmacology, etc. .).


medicine is a discipline that deals with the construction or reconstruction of the individual psychophysical balance and is aimed at people who wish to improve their image through the resolution of their imperfections. It is a medical discipline that has as its objective the improvement of the quality of life; it is an extremely particular and ever-expanding sector of medicine that has its roots in fields and areas that are sometimes


distant from each other. At the end of the Master, learners must be able to respond to the ever increasing demand of advanced training in the field of Aesthetic Medicine through: ​


a) improvement of knowledge in preventive and corrective Aesthetic Medicine through the correct use of raw materials b)


knowledge of the active ingredients underlying the various cosmetic formulations c) mastery


the use of dedicated technological equipment d)


’ emphasis on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach with the ability to interact between specialists from various sectors, being patients who intend, through Aesthetic Medicine, to improve their appearance and thus achieve psychophysical well-being The administrative office responsible for careers of the students is the Postgraduate and Masters Schools Office - USSM - of the Federico II University of


The University structure responsible for administrative and accounting management is the Department of Public Health of the University à of the Studies of


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Often the way forward is not clear to us and we find ourselves asking questions such as: Is this course right for
me? To answer this question it might be useful to ask questions to those who are already a professional in the sector . This is why the Professors of the Master of Aesthetic Medicine are ready to answer all your doubts

and questions. What career opportunities does the Master in Aesthetic Medicine open? The community of Aesthetic Doctors is extended in Italy? market in Aesthetic Medicine? These are the most common questions. Surely you will have many more. Don't wait any longer: go to the teachers section and send an email to your
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